Core Technologies of Vivolight

The underlying technology platform of Vivolight is composed of three major sectors: medical laser, fiber optic catheter, and artificial intelligence. With these advanced technologies, we can use photons to perceive, image, regulate and intervene the human body in a minimally invasive manner at different time and space scales. The application scenario covers the whole process of healthcare, including prevention, screening, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation.

Medical laser technology

Focusing on the development of various high-performance medical laser sources
Our R&D focuses on ultrafast fiber lasers, high-power solid-state lasers, and wavelength swept lasers, etc. The wavelengths cover multiple bands from ultraviolet to infrared, and the pulse duration spans more than ten orders of magnitude.. Among them, imaging lasers will be used for products such as optical coherence tomography system , while therapeutic lasers will be used in minimally invasive laser ablation and many other fields.

Fiber optic catheters

Focusing on the development of various high-performance fiber optic interventional catheters
Vivolight is one of the very few companies capable of design, simulation, processing, testing, and mass manufacturing of optical fiber and micro-optic systems , as well as the design and manufacturing of Class III medical interventional catheters and consumables. The good maneuverability of Vivolight’s fiber optic catheters ensures accurate photon transport and light field manipulation in the human pan-vascular system, tracts and even soft tissues, to achieve precise imaging and ablation.

Artificial intelligence technology

Focusing on the development of artificial intelligence technology at all levels
Always aiming to be highly embedded in products and continuously optimize users’ workflow, Vivolight’s artificial intelligence technology empowers users' information acquisition and clinical decision-making with integrated software and hardware solutions. This happens at all levels, from the enhancement of OCT signal and image quality, to the detection and segmentation of lumen and stent, from the automatic quantification of stent apposition to the automatic calculation of calcification, fractional flow reserve, and light attenuation coefficient.

Multimodality Technology

OCT system revolution
  • Index of Plaque Attenuation(IPA)
    In 2018, we cooperated with Professor Gijs van Soest of Erasmus MC in Rotterdam, the Netherlands and realized the transformation of IPA (Index of Plaque Attenuation) technology from algorithm to clinical application through professional and standard R&D process.
  • Virtual Flow Ratio(VFR)
    Obtained through one OCT pullback: no additional cost of consumables no need for adenosine to achieve hyperemia no extra examination time
  • Intelligent Calcium Assessment(ICA)
    OCT + Artificial Intelligence(AI)Algorithm Evolution & Implementation of AI Technology to Meet Clinical Needs.Auto identify & calculate calcium volume & score by AI algorithm, simplifying the treatment of calcified lesions in an easier & faster way.

Collabration with Top Worldwide Medical Institutes

  • Massachusetts General Hospital

  • Erasmus MC

  • Chinese PLA General Hospital

  • Fudan University,Zhongshan Hospital

  • Beijing Anzhen Hospital, Capital Medical University

  • Xijing Hospital

  • Changhai Hospital

  • Tangdu Hospital

  • The First Affiliated Hospital of Xi’an Jiaotong University

  • The Second Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University

  • Chinese Academy of Sciences

  • National Center for Cardiovascular Diseases

  • Tsinghua University

  • Hongkong University

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